The most beautiful kiss of my life

When I arrived to Palma I was quiet but excited too because I was seeing a lot of things that I never had seen. There was a hundred  people or two hundred in the hotel Bahamas but I didnt know anybody. The first day I went to have breakfast soon, after I visited the  hotel although I was tired I had an illusion at the same time because I saw you for first time, I felt something special and all moments since this time I had the most incredible sensation to know you.

I tried every afternoon, evenings, and I could say to every hours when I saw you but you always says "no". That´s dont worry me. My illusion was intact and I think that I liked your behaviour with me. Although you never wanted to accept my invitations I was thinking in you the whole day and wishing meet you again. You made an atraction in me that I couldnt scape. I liked your looks, your smiles, your "nouuu" and your hits in my knee ¬¬.

Fortunately, the last day that you was in hotel, you gave me a paper with something written in it. Then I felt that you was with me, and that you had experiencied something as I felt for you.

The next happened only you and me know…the tittle says all.